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Wahana Artha Group | Never Ending Passion

Meet The Board

  • Garibaldi Thohir President Commissioner
  • Sonny Kasiman Commissioner
  • Michael Christian Soekamto Commissioner
  • Heindrix Liauw Independent Commissioner

Garibaldi Thohir

Born in Jakarta, on May 1st, 1965, Garibaldi Thohir has been the Group Chairman since 2007. He earned his Bachelor of Science from the University of Southern California, USA (1988) and Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Northrop University, Los Angeles, USA (1989).   Apart from being involved in WahanaArtha Group, Garibaldi sits at the board in many other companies, most notably as the Group CEO of PT Adaro Energy Tbk, the largest integrated coal company in Indonesia.

  • Edi Setiawan Chief Marketing Officer


Born in Jakarta on Jan 14, 1967, right after he graduated fr American colleges, he immediately worked for Citibank NA Jakarta  with the last position as Head of Asset Service Unit at Loans Department. He joined WahanaArtha Group in 1993 as the Managing Director until the Board chose him to be the Group CEO till now. He is responsible for all Group and Subsidiary operations. In his personal time, Robbyanto Budiman enjoys music, travelling and sports activities with his wife and three daughters. He is an avid marathoner.